Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

Who Are You? ;)

Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted person. Son Il Gun is a father who died, but he left things unfinished with his daughter. In order to make sure that his daughter is provided for he controls Seung Hyo's body for three hours a day for 49 days. He buys his daughter the things he couldn't do when he was alive with Seung Hyo's money. Il Gun's daughter, Young In, is a quick-tempered girl who meets Seung Hyo during her part-time job. At first she has a bad impression of him but she gradually starts to fall for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past.

"I Love this series! I was crying alot,really reminds me to apreciate my parents that if we don’t treat them nicely, we might end up regretting for the rest of our life.
I love the romance as well, so what if you’re alot younger? it’s only 11 years difference!
A must see film of the year I must say!"

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