Jumat, 12 September 2008


I write these useless, senseless poems,
I know I dont make sense, but they are words.
Words never make sense, just like life.
Here I am, living every fragment of it, and I dont UNDERSTAND it.
I am HERE, but i DONT know about it. =(
Those historians are wrong.
We will never learn the truth about anything.
Its all talk and no real facts,

See me cling on to this branch, see it break and see my bones break,
But know one will ever know why I did it, I knew it would break, so why did I do it?
No one knows.

Lifes like that,
You do things and no one ever understand not even you.

Here I am ,rambling on again,
Tryin' to set up my mind free, but it will never be free.
Its inside my skull, and my skull is covered with flesh and skin.


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