Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

4 days only.

aaaaaaaaaa. Best Korean's Melodrama ..
Temptation Of Wife
1-129 episode.
GAK nyesel sama skali nontonnya :)

One night Goo Eun Jae got drunk and Jung Gyo Bin took this opportunity to take advantage of her. Eun Jae and Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not a very blissful marriage. Eun Jae's best friend, Shin Ae Ri, openly flirts with Gyo Bin in front of Eun Jae. Gyo Bin decided that he did not want to remain married to Eun Jae and tried to kill her. Eun Jae was presumed to have drown and died. Gyo Bin thought he was successful in killing Eun Jae and moved on with Ae Ri. Years later, Eun Jae is back for revenge. She pretends to be another woman and appears in front of Gyo Bin's eyes. How will Gyo Bin react to a girl who looks exactly like his presumed dead wife, Eun Jae?