Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008


Every Now and Then.

Sometimes I dream about volleyball
Or how it would be to be queen
Sometimes I dream of my pet dog
Or a ride in a nice limousine

Sometimes I wish I had wings
Or maybe a nice silver tail
Sometimes I wish for presents
Or maybe just some e-mail

Sometimes I pretend to be sad
Or happy, or tired, or hurt
Sometimes I pretend that I’m French
Or someone who likes to eat dirt

Sometimes I like to be silly
Or act like a childish goof
Sometimes I like to be serious
Or stare at the sky from the roof

Sometimes I like funny movies
Or nice long walks in the park
Sometimes I like to catch fireflies
Or swim late at night when it’s dark

Sometimes I pretend that I’m with him
Or maybe just on the phone
Sometimes I pretend that we’re married
Or just sitting with him in our home

Sometimes I wish that he loved me
Or maybe I’d see him some more
Sometimes I wish I could call him
Or maybe just be twenty-four

Sometimes I dream I was thin
Or what it’s like to be you
But mostly I dream about Paul
Yes, mostly that’s all that I do

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